Meet Our Team

Paul Bautista

President / CEO

Paul Bautista came from a lengthy background in the nutrition industry. After years of being forced to sell inferior house brand products and limit the success of his customers, Paul decided to open his own supplement store. He envisioned the store as a mecca for all things fitness. He saw a place where everybody from your average gym goer to the biggest of body builders could come and feel not only comfortable, but safe! He set out on a quest to build a place of quality products and more importantly, a place of knowledge. Thanks to his efforts, we now have a supplement store that stands testament to its customers and their goals.

Matthew Nicosia

Director Of Operations

Matthew joined his partner Paul just months into the project. Along with all of Paul's ideas, came much need for structure and planning. Matthew was able to assemble the first staff for Supp Nation, and structured the store for growth. Ensuring that all of our customers would have an outlet, fully stocked with all of their favorite brands, at all times.

Cole McGrath

Manager - Riverside, CA

Cole was a young fitness enthusiast when he came across Supp Nation. He came aboard as a part time sales associate, and quickly worked his way up to a manager position. He takes pride in not only his own bulking transformation, but also in every transformation story that walks through the doors of his store. He is exceptionally knowledgable about stacking supplements, tuning diets, and pushing workouts to the max in order to grow lean sizable muscle!

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